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April News

April 10, 2014

April 3, 2014

Dr. Deborah Birx Sworn-In as New U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

March News

March 12, 2014

March 21, 2014

Mauritanian President to support African leadership in AIDS response as new AU Chair

March 12, 2014

UNAIDS calls for earlier access to HIV and TB testing and treatment services

March 11, 2014

Tradition and Poverty Among Drivers of HIV in Malawi

March 9, 2014

Kenya: First Lady’s inaugural marathon for maternal and child health

First Lady’s remarks, pictures,more pictures, Article

March 6, 2014

WHO issues new guidance on how to provide contraceptive information and service

March 1, 2014

Countries around the world celebrate Zero Discrimination Day

February News

February 6, 2014

February 26, 2014

South Africa: Progress in HIV/AIDS

February 25, 2014

Malawi develops civil society charter to tackle HIV and TB

February 24, 2014

Nigeria: Stakeholders Deliberate On How to Reduce Nigeria’s HIV Births

February 17, 2014

UNAIDS expresses deep concern over impact of Ugandan bill on the rights of gay men

February 9, 2014

Zimbabwe’s maternal mortality crisis

February 7, 2014

New partnership to accelerate HIV treatment scale up

February 5, 2014

HIV infections in children reduced by 76% – says Ghana’s First Lady Lordina Mahama

January News

January 7, 2014

January 30, 2014

State of the World’s Children 2014 in Numbers

January 24, 2014

Kenya: First Lady launches Beyond Zero campaign

Guidelines for 2014 Global AIDS response progress reporting released

January 23, 2014

Tanzania: New Guidelines Seek to Curb Mother to Child HIV Transmission

Tanzania: Achievement of MDGs needs strong strategies

January 15, 2014

Examining the Link between HIV and Cervical Cancer

Young African leaders meet to accelerate action on the MDGs

UNAIDS and the World Bank Group endorse action points to address extreme poverty and AIDS

Swaziland: Priorities for National HIV/AIDS response set 

January 14, 2014

Saving Mothers, Giving Life: New Year, New Results for Maternal Health

UNAIDS and the Global Fund express deep concern about the impact of a new law affecting the AIDS response and human rights of LGBT people in Nigeria

January 10, 2014

Kenya: Many Children Miss Out On Life-Saving Drugs

January 7, 2014

Ghana: Mother-to-child HIV infection down

Swaziland: Breast Is Best, But Not in Swaziland

January 6, 2014

Kenya: New project seeks to reduce stigma for HIV-infected teens

December News

December 2, 2013

7 December 2013

PEPFAR and UNAIDS call for accelerated action towards Global Plan 2015 targets

6 December 2013 

African Countries Make New Investments in Health

3 December 2013

Global Fund Donors Pledge US$12 Billion

2 December 2013 

Today we can improve the health of Africa forever

1 December 2013 

2013 World Aids Day Statements 

President Goodluck Jonathan urges all Nigerians to “Take Charge” and take an HIV Test

Nigeria’s fight against AIDS

Ethiopia:  Youth groups battle HIV/AIDS


November News

November 11, 2013

22 November, 2013

A Mothers Love 

20 November, 2013

Ahead of World AIDS Day 2013 UNAIDS reports sustained progress in the AIDS response

14 November, 2013

The Power of Sisterhood: HIV-Positive Women in Mozambique Stay Healthy Through Community Adherence

13 November, 2013

Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission, Minute by Minute

12 November, 2013 

Family Planning Conference Highlights Political Commitment and the Importance of Youth 

11 November, 2013 

World Bank Group, UNFPA, Pledge to Improve Maternal and Reproductive Health of Women and Adolescent Girls in Africa’s Sahel Region

8 November, 2013

UNAIDS welcomes Ugandan President’s launch of massive HIV prevention and treatment campaign

7 November, 2013

UNAIDS commends Ambassador Eric Goosby for his visionary leadership in the AIDS response

4 November, 2013

UNAIDS-Lancet Commission African dialogue calls for ending AIDS to be central to the post-2015 agenda

1 November, 2013

UNAIDS reports that more than 10% of adults living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries are aged 50 and over

October news

October 9, 2013

28 October 2013

Global Plan Job Aid for health care workers

17 October 2013

 Zambia Expands Access to Treatment for HIV

15 October 2013

Global Fund New HIV Grants to Serve Benin’s Most Vulnerable

14 October 2013

Helping stop mothers giving their babies HIV

13 October 2013

‘Solar suitcase’ saving moms, babies during childbirth

10 October 2013

HIV/AIDS burden in Nigeria still high

3 October 2013

HIV and Sexuality Education: Time to Act Now with Young People in Eastern and southern Africa

 2 October 2013 

President of South Sudan commits to strengthening the country’s response to HIV

September news

September 2, 2013

27 September, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry unveils new model for PEPFAR engagement

25 September, 2013

Joint Statement for Financing the Health MDGs and for Malaria
on the Occasion of the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations

23 September, 2013

UNAIDS reports a 52% reduction in new HIV infections among children and a combined 33% reduction among adults and children since 2001

Nelson Mandela: A Living Legend In The Fight Against HIV And AIDS

17 September, 2013

The First Lady of Uganda rolls out next phase of campaign to stop new HIV infections among children

16 September, 2013

Call for scale up of HIV prevention programmes for military and security forces in West and Central Africa

Zero new HIV infections among children can be a reality

11 September, 2013

Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey, 2012

9 September, 2013

Rwanda: MoH Conducts Survey On HIV Prevalence

2 September, 2013

Africa tackles AIDS, health care through family planning


August News

August 5, 2013

30 August, 2013

Global AIDS mortality fell by over 20% in last five years, but large inequalities remain between countries

Advice from one AIDS advocate to another

23 August, 2013

Southern African Development Community leaders meet for special session of AIDS Watch Africa

22 August, 2013

Does the CHER trial open up new therapeutic perspectives?

21 August, 2013

Kenya: Over 400,000 Abortions in Kenya Last Year – Survey - improving women’s access to affordable and effective family planning and contraception is key to preventing unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortions

18 August, 2013

The Maputo Declaration on eMTCT

15 August, 2013

Conference moves to stop new HIV infections in children, save mothers

12 August, 2013

Experts in Southern and Eastern Africa call for renewed commitment on sexuality education and health services

2 August, 2013

Building momentum to stop new HIV infections among children and keep their mothers alive




July News

July 18, 2013

31 July, 2013

President of Mozambique engages on HIV

First Lady of Mozambique appointed as Patron of the Global Plan

30 July, 2013

Getting to Zero: HIV in Eastern & Southern Africa 

Download.pdf (English)

29 July, 2013

The President’s Comprehensive Response Plan (PCRP) Summary (Nigeria)

Kenyan Counties hardest hit by AIDS epidemic

19 July, 2013

The ‘Bring your wife’ campaign

15 July, 2013

New report shows that a healthier Africa will further boost economic growth on the continent

30 June, 2013

WHO issues new HIV recommendations calling for earlier treatment (English) (French

26 June, 2013

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta pledges to advocate and champion the agenda on ending HIV among children and keeping their mothers alive

25 June, 2013

UNAIDS, 25 June 2013

New HIV infections among children have been reduced by 50% or more in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa

29 May, 2013

Women Deliver, 29 May 2013

Global Leaders Call for Accelerated Progress on Family Planning at Women Deliver 2013

27 May, 2013

UNAIDS, 27 May 2013

Life Ball champions new HIV infections in children

26 May, 2013

UNAIDS, 26 May, 2013

African leaders pledge to intensify efforts towards ending AIDS, TB and Malaria

Africa AIDS champions accelerate efforts to achieve a generation free from HIV in Africa

24 May, 2013

IATT, 24 May 2013

H4+ and IATT Present Worldwide Progress, Challenges of Women’s 
and Children’s Health at the Women Deliver Conference 2013

20 May, 2013

World Health Organization, 20 May, 2013

World Health Assembly opens to discuss major health issues

5 April, 2013

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance Press Release, 5 April, 2013

Faith-based groups and governments join forces to end new HIV infections in children